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Requests call + 62 (0) 770 692 107 or Visit our Studio in Pasar Oleh Oleh, Lagoi, Bintan Island.

Hello I am Lindawatti : Paradise Radio CEO

Studio 1: Bimo Aji in Control

Hello I am Agus Amarullah: Operations Manager.

Hello I am Bimo Aji: Breakfast & Head Presenter

Hello I am Ipank: Presenter/Dj Hello I am Isat: Presenter/Dj
Radio crew outside our studio complex
Who is doctomix??
Check it out exclusive on Paradise 107.3fm from 19.00hrs Every Saturday: Click on the 'doctormix' logo to checkout the website.
Click On: The Paradise Radio Tower to Contact our Radio Consultants.
We are please to be working with the Sijori Pos. You can find our Radio Station details inside every Copy. Click on the logo for todays news!
Click on the Mug to buy it and many more !!!!

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